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Brand protection

Brand can be one of the most valuable assets of the balance sheet of a business. This is whether you are selling products or services. What you represent (perceived or otherwise) is what people are often buying. Brand may comprise a name, term, design, symbol or other feature that distinguishes one seller’s product or services from those of others.

Various brand elements (including any device, brand, label, name, signature, word, letter, numerical, shape of goods, packaging, colour or combination of colours, smell, sound, movement or any combination thereof) may be protected through registered trade mark rights.

Trade mark registration strategies will not just protect the trade mark legally, but also enhance the value of brand assets and if properly managed, will fuel brand-led business growth.

Like any good strategy, one size does not fit all.  Much will depend on the relevant industry knowledge.

We genuinely love the industrial process, from planning, launch and ultimate commercialisation. We also understand that services are sold on reputation and trust.

We also immerse ourselves in industry and are well placed to understand the place of brand, develop appropriate brand protection strategies and growth through intellectual property commercialisation,

Gestalt has experience in the following industries:

• Medical Technology
• Medical Devices
• Pharmaceuticals
• Fashion
• Textiles
• Cosmetics
• Fashion licensing
• Cosmeceuticals
• Housewares
• Industrial Design
• Management consulting
• Social Media
• Television
• Entertainment and events
• Food, Wine & Beverages
• Exercise & Fitness

We offer a range of intellectual property services that will take you from idea to market and beyond.

Key services

Trade mark clearance.

Trade mark protection in Australia, New Zealand & foreign markets.

Trade mark disputes.

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