IP Management

IP Management

Management of Intellectual Property Rights involves much more than simply securing registration of Intellectual Property Rights. It requires an assessment of the whole picture including ongoing assessment of the relevance and need for IP rights, the scope of protection (including product categories and geography), renewal and constant review of business plans.

Gestalt handles the renewal and maintenance of TradeMarks, Patents, Designs and Domain Names in Australia and overseas.

Our surveillance system provides security and peace of mind by managing critical deadlines and producing reports on the current status of IP portfolios.

As part of the management of IP portfolios we remind clients of renewal fee and maintenance fee deadlines so that they can reassess their ongoing commercial interest in maintaining particular Intellectual Property rights. In handling an IP portfolio we develop an understanding of commercial drivers, business considerations and the corporate history of your business and work with you to develop your future business plans and strategies.

Key services
  • Monitoring deadlines including maintenance fee and renewal deadlines
  • Payment of maintenance and renewal fees
  • Strategic ongoing assessment of your IP portfolio against business strategy
  • Comprehensive reporting on current IP portfolio
  • Commercialisation of patents
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